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I am Ariel Alysse Peake.  I was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on October 22, 1990.  I was raised in Union County, South Carolina.  I have six brothers and one sister.  I am a Christian.  I grew up loving everything about fashion because of my grandmother and cousins.  My grandmother and cousins are all seamstresses.  When I was little, I would be in community fashion shows.  I was very interactive when growing up.  I was into dancing, piano playing, JROTC, Yearbook Staff, jazz band, Beta Club, and marching band.  During my senior year in high school, I became a debutant.  In 2005, I graduated from Barbizon Modeling School.  In 2008, I graduated with honors in High School.  I attending Johnson & Wales University of Charlotte to major in Fashion Merchandising & Retailing.  I would later find myself loving to blog.  Today, I am currently working in retailing and blogging like it is no tomorrow.  What I want to accomplish in my blog career is to travel around the world visiting boutiques and runways.  I would love to see what other types of fashion is there in the world of today.  I basically am into anything about the fashion life.  I am not close minded and have a tendency to understand others creativity. After finding my calling in blogging, I am still new to the game.  I hope to grow stronger and more creative with my wiring and fashion technique.

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