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X Mark’s The Beauty

When it comes down to lip wear make-up, I am a sucker for it. Whatever makes my beautiful smackers hot, I am all in. NYX is starting to be one of my favorite make-up brands when it comes down to lip wear. I already love their lipstick. Now, I am starting to love their lip paint. As soon as Ipsy sent me this lip paint, my beautiful smackers was hyped up for it. The color, look, and style had no problem winning me over with this lovely make-up.

The Color..
The color is the most important thing when it comes down to lip wear make-up. If I am looking a hot mess in the make-up, I am not wearing it. I have to look cute, beautiful, and glamorous. NYX’s Lip Lingerie’s beauty mark color is the greatest for my beautiful smackers. This beautiful brown lip paint is beautiful on my lips. I said I once, I said it again. I love brown colored make-up. I especially love dark brown colored make-up. That is why I am loving this NYX Lip Lingerie beauty mark color. It reflects beautifully with my natural complexion. The color is not loud. It is not too much. Instead, the color shows so much beauty within my face, skin, and lips. With this beauty mark color, my face can get the beautiful color that it needs.

The Look..
NYX’s Lip Lingerie’s beauty mark color gives me a beautiful look. This lip paint color has no problem giving my beautiful smackers a beautiful natural look. My lips look like they have nothing on them. It easily blends in with my complexion. It is not too dark nor is it too light for my lips. Instead, the brown color gives my lips a nice beautiful shade that can easily be loved. With this lip paint color blending in with my complexion, my lips looks really cute in an purifying way. My lips look as though this color was made for it. It is so easy to love this lip paint color all because it is natural. Natural looks can show off the true beauty within the person. Instead of seeing so much glitter and high pitch colors, everyone can easily see the true naked beauty of the lips. With this natural look, everyone can finally see my real outer beauty.

Everyday Wear…
I can easily wear NYX’S Lip Lingerie like it is no tomorrow. I can wear this color to any type of style. I can wear this make-up as an innocent look. I can wear this make-up as a girly look. I can go for both a casual and a dressy look. This is what I love about the color brown. It can be played with any type of look of wanting. The whole brown color family can be worn all year round for upcoming seasons. It is the color that no one can wrong with. It is the color that can easily be played with any type of look, style, and beauty. This lip paint is the best.

After wearing this lip paint, I finally love me some NYX. This beauty mark color has persuaded me into loving this makeup company. After wearing this lovely color, I feel as I did my lips a huge favor on looking naturally beautiful. With this lip paint, my beautiful smackers could not look even better.

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