Last night, I had the best night ever! I was off from work and decided to treat myself to a fashion show. I kicked back with a little bit of sangria, champagne, and food. The fashion show that I have went to last night was called Lights! Camera! Fashion! It was for a charity called Junior League of Charlotte. Belk of South Park Mall of Charlotte, NC always sponsor this charity every year with a fashion show. Ever since 2010, the store made it their mission to raise money for this charity. When going to this fashion show for the first time, I have learned to love some fabric materials more. Here is what I loved in the fashion show.

In case some do not know, velvet is trending right now for the fall season. Last night, Belk had no problem rocking it on their runway. With the velvet material, a person can have fun playing with it. Anyone can rock this material with some nice denim jeans. When denim jeans and velvet combine together, it is a work of art. It is like a person can have a casual look but, can be taken a little bit serious. However, denim jeans is not the only thing that can look great with velvet material. Real or faux leather material can also look phenomenal with some velvet material. With the real or faux leather, a person will have that edgy look to them once wearing it with some velvet. Among collaborating with other clothing material, velvet can look great by itself. Velvet is the material that can make its own fashion statement with no help at all. It is the material that a person can never go wrong with during the fall and winter season. With this material, it can make the two seasons more of an enjoyment in the wardrobe area.

Floral is never going anywhere. Whether it is during the spring or fall time, floral will always be there to make the attire delightful. The thing that everyone can love about floral is that a person can play with it in attire, shoes, and accessories. It looks great on some leggings. It can look great on a nice fall season jacket. It can look great on almost anything when putting the mind to it. Floral print will always be floral print. What I mean is that it does not matter what the season is, best believe floral print will be there to make the attire look so cute. Floral print is best all year round.

Some might think that metallic is little too much. But, it cannot be when wearing it just right. With just a little bit of this material, a person can have a great fashion attire. With metallic, a person can have that nice formal wear to rock to during fall season. This material is all about being the life of the party. With this material, every moment can be fun, exciting, and glamorous. This material can be all full of surprises. With this material, a person can never feel dull and sad. Metallic can be everything there is having a great time for the night.

After being filled up with food, sangria, and champagne, I really had a blast at the fashion show. The show opened my mind up of what to wear for this season. After having a fabulous time, I am planning on going next year. Lights! Camera! Fashion! is the best!