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Handbags To Die For

When I went to the Southern Women’s Convention ’17 Show, in Charlotte, NC, I was blown away about their fashion show that they were hosting this year.  The whole collection was a dream come true.  But, this was not an ordinary collection.  This was a handbag collection!  That is right handbag lovers.  Just imagine being in my shoes witnessing a fabulous handbag collection!  I know, every handbag lover is hating me right as they read this.  Just looking at so much creativity on one runway just drives the mind wild.  When looking at Fox Skins by Melissa David, runway viewers could really get into loving these handbags.  Each accessory was just as stunning as the next.  To witness so much style in one collection, is a dream come true.

A Place to Hold….

When looking at the handbag collection of Foxx Skynz by Design, two particular handbags really caught my eyes.  I noticed that two of the handbags on the runway were made a little bit different from the rest of the handbags.  Each of the two handbags had a hand cover made on them.  That way, a lady can easily hold her hand in place of the handbag.  Never have I ever seen anything like that on a handbag.  This is pure genius from the maker Melissa Davis herself.  It is so cool to have something on the handbag to rest the hand in.  When runway viewers were looking at both handbags, they were just as amazed at the two accessories as I was.  With these two handbags, this can spark a look for handbags.

Pack It Up…

What I like about Foxx Skynz by Design are the backpacks.  When looking at the backpacks in the collection, they are to die for!  They are just so fun to look at.  Just looking at these babies could really hypnotize anyone into wanting them for themselves.  What can really grab anyone’s attention with these handbags is beauty of them.  The designs and colors could really make anyone fall in love with the backpacks. When looking at these backpacks, viewers could easily see that the Foxx Skynz creator put her heart into them.  These backpacks would be so great to have for a nice trip with friends and family.  They can really put the fun and love back into a backpack.

Clutch It…

The last by certainly not least handbags that everyone was loving in Foxx Skynz’s Collection are the clutch handbags. Clutch handbags are always the best when it comes down to having a formal handbag.  What everyone was loving about these dazzling handbags is how easily they each can fit into the hands of anyone.  When looking at these handbags, a lady can really get into liking the creativity of them.  They are not too much.  They are very elegant.  They can really bring out the true class out of an attire.  These clutch handbags had no problem stealing the runway and hearts of runway viewers once being in the collection.

This handbag collection had no problem stealing the heart of others once making the runway scene of the Southern Women’s Show’17.  It was a dream come true for me.  It was like pure heaven once seeing a handbag in a collection.  Foxx Skynz by Designs are the best!

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