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Tuesday Shirt In New Season

While the fall season is peeking its way in the year, I am having no problem rocking a new wardrobe.  Two weeks ago, I was just in browsing in Marshall’s on my day off with some friends.  I was not planning on buying anything until suddenly, I went to the clearance section in the junior’s department of the store.  When it comes down to clearance items, I am a complete sucker for it.  I was so excited to see what latest tops and bottoms that I could get for a valued price.  As soon as I started to browse in the clearance section, I spotted this fabulous top!  I had to get it for my own.  This top was all me.  It is stylish, cute, and not to mention hot!  A person can always find something stunning in any clearance section in a store.

The Floral…

When looking at this top, the floral print could really get anyone into loving it.  The floral print is what really got me into wanting this top.  The background of the top is black while the top is filled with floral print.  The colors that are used in the floral print are blue, red, pink, green, and peach.  With these colors, the floral print is very well made onto the top.  The colors have no problem giving the top that perfect floral image that it needs.  What I love about the floral print, is that it looks so great with a black background in it.  The color white would have taken away the floral print.  Any other color would have not look so pleasant with the floral print.  With the black background, the floral print can be shine more within the top.  By having a black background, others could enjoy every detailing within the floral print.  With this floral print, this top can be unstoppable.

Great with Pants…

When I first seen this floral print top in Marshall’s, I just had to try it on in the fitting room.  Once putting it on in the fitting room, I have noticed how great the top looks with the dark blue denim jeans I was wearing at the time.  The colors in the floral print has no problem connecting with the dark blue denim jeans.  What I would also consider wearing with this floral print top are black pants, any length of a plain black skirt, or a dark blue denim skirt.  This top can be used as a formal top or causal top depending on what bottom a person may use for it.  This top will be perfect to wear for almost any occasion.  This top is the perfect thing for a wardrobe.

Once this floral print top fit just perfect on me, I had to buy it!  This top was so fabulous, that I end up rocking it at the library.  This top will have anyone wanting it for themselves that it is not even funny! I would tell everyone to go get it.  But, it was on clearance.  Anyways, I love this floral top!

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